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COURSE FEE: RS.15000/-

Duration: 6 Weeks


Understanding Search Engine Marketing
Fundamental of Pay Per Click
Goals for Search campaigns
Choose the best campaign types
Get to know the Google Search experience
Implement website conversion tracking
Create effective text ads
Enhance your ads with extensions
Control which searches trigger your ads
Set up a Search Engine campaign
Adjust bids to favor performers
Determine a good bidding strategy
Evaluate Search engine campaign performance
Align your budget with your goals
Evaluate campaign performance
Avoid editorial errors
Address trademark disapprovals
Track Paid Search Traffic with Google Analytics


Learn the basics of Google Display Ads
Goals for Display Marketing
where customers see your ads
Set up a Display Network campaign
Choose the most beneficial ad formats
Build effective creatives for your goals
Reach customers with targeting
Determine a good bidding strategy
Drive results with the Display Network
Optimize your Display campaign
Adjust targeting to reach more people
Track conversions to improve performance
Avoid Editorial errors & trademark disapprovals


Learn the basics of Google Video Ads
Developing content on YouTube
Understand your audience
Find the right video solutions & metrics
The value of video advertising
Where customers see your video
Make effective TrueView ad creative
Target with the Display Network
Build your video campaign in Adwords
Optimize your video campaign for success
Keep track of video campaign performance
Avoid editorial errors and trademark disapprovals


Find new customers with Google Shopping
Create a Merchant Center account
Capture your product data
Simplify with automatic item updates
Use Feed Rules to optimize product data
Submit product data without errors
Create a Shopping campaign
Align your bid strategy to Shopping goals
Reach users with Showcase Shopping ads
Ensure your Shopping ads are compliant
Optimize your Shopping campaign
Reach users with Showcase Shopping ads
Measure Shopping campaign performance


Remarket with the Search Network
Remarket with the Display Network
Tailor ads with Dynamic Remarketing
Remarket with the YouTube


Mobile Marketing in Google
Mobile Marketing on Facebook
Mobile Marketing on Twitter

Iftikhar Anjum


Mr.Iftikhar Anjum is an experienced digital Marketing Consultant. He is CEO of a digital Agency Digital-24 and co founder of Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan.He has more than two decades of experience of training and marketing

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  • Entrepreneur

Join our Social Media Mastery course start your own business or take the marketing of your existing business to the next level.

  • Content Writers
If you are a content writer or a blogger. Social Media can help you to enhance your reach to a wide range of users.
  • Freelancer
A freelancer can enhance his/her income using social media marketing. Social Media services are in great demand on all freelancing platforms.

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