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Do you want to become a champion Amazon Virtual Assistant

Champion Amazon Virtual Assistant Bundle aimed at shortening the learning curve for people who want to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant but don’t know where to start.

Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan( IDEPakistan) offers a Golden Opportunity to become a Champion Amazon VA from anywhere in Pakistan.

Recorded video lectures will be complemented by a weekly Live Q & A Session.

Knowledge + Experience

Champion Amazon VA Bundle

Live Sessions, Replay and Recordings will be available


Online ( Learn from the comfort of your home)


September 10, 2021

Who should attend

Course Outline

In this course you will learn step by step all the concepts and skills required to become a successful Virtual Assistant and start working as a full time VA.

Don't waste your time to do it on your own ,get this champion Amazon VA Bundle kickstart your structured and practical learning journey now.

In this Champion Bundle you will not only learn all the services that you can provide as a VA but you will also learn to sell your services on a freelancing platform.Amazon VA is a highly paid position which is in great demand not only in Pakistan but around the world.



Amazon introduction

Learn basic concepts of Amazon,how Amazon FBA works and what are different business models on Amazon

Amazon product hunting

Learn the techniques to hunt a winning product .

Product sourcing

Learn how to source product from alibaba.com

Product Listing:

Learn how to list products on Amazon and how to fix product listing related issues.

Listing Optimization

Learn to upgrade your product listing to increase visibility, rank on Amazon search engine, increase conversion rate and finally generate sales

PPC Campaigns

Learn how to run Amazon PPC ads including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads.


Learn how to create coupons, deals and promotions.

Social Media Management:

Learn how to manage the online presence of the brand away from amazon on Facebook , Twitter,Pinterest ,Instagram and Linkedin.

Managing FBA Shipment

Learn how to create ,edit your FBA shipment plan and track your shipment

Review Building

Learn how to get positive reviews and manage negative reviews of your brand

Payment checking:

Learn how to check payment and transaction reports for your FBA Account

Checking Account Health

Learn how to check Amazon Account health for account adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon.

Customer service:

Learn how to reply to customers messages, emails,or reviews

Complaint Handling

Learn how to handle complaint / Chargeback Claims/Returns and Refunds

( Fiverr)

You will learn to create your profile, creating your gigs as VA and start selling


Original Price: Rs. 50,000/- 90% discount Rs, 5000

Knowledge + Experience

Champion Amazon VA Bundle

Live Sessions, Replay and Recordings will be available

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PDF Guide Books

Training Methodology

Either you are a student who want start a parttime earring as a VA or a jobionย  who is

fed up with the 9 to 5 Job and want to escape from this rat race this is an ideal offer for you!!


This is time to take action!


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No paid tools will be provided with the course.


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Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan