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According to World Economics forum

30 % of jobs will not even exist in 2020

Mckinsey publications say

In the coming year, machines will replace 45 % of current activities, which are done by a human.

At present, you must be working in a good company, life is good, your boss is happy, people love you and you feel that your position is quite secure.

What if, someday you are told that your services are no more required; your job has been automated. in despair  you go to any other employer with your life long experience and they say that your knowledge and skills are outdated

 What is relevant today will be irrelevant tomorrow.

Just see how digitalization is replacing jobs and changing the future of work

In super markets, we find self cashier machines.

At airports, the luggage is being checked by robots, rather than human.

A Japanese Insurance company has digitalized its company and replaced its office staff by AI programs to process the claims.

And there are so many examples where digitalization has replaced the human workforce.

See, how some exponential organization have worked wonder with minimum no of employees by leveraging technology and digitalization.

  1. Youtube sold for $1.65 b with only 65 employees
  2. Instagram sold for $1 billion with only 13 employees
  3. Whats app sold for $ 19 billion with only 55 employees.

In the future, most of the jobs will be automated

Even small organizations will be working on the exponential model with a minimum number of employees.

To make a million dollars company you don’t need scores of staff.

If you are a student, you must have felt that the formal education system is very slow. The things, which are taught at colleges and universities, are hardly applicable in today’s life.

Only the formal education will not prepare you for the future of work

If you want to stay relevant

Train yourself; take your education in your own hand.

Learn digital skills that are in great demand today and in the future

Learn to design a website

Learn social media marketing

SEO. SEM, freelancing

Start your blog

Start your YouTube channel

Build your online store

There is no excuse for learning. Now, you have online and offline courses readily available to you.Its time to learn, its time for your growth. Leverage digitalization before it leverage you

Iftikhar Anjum

Co-founder at Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan.